Three Proven Marketing Programs
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Firepower Marketing

Firepower Marketing is committed to solving the marketing problems that independent “Brick and Mortar” business owners face.They provide a marketing system designed to get current customers to return more often, spend more when they visit, and attract new customers just like your existing best customers.

We put independent business owners marketing on autopilot, and eliminate marketing waste by making it measurable and accountable.

Royalty Rewards®

North America’s Most Comprehensive and Professionally Delivered Marketing Program That Automatically Delivers a Flood of Customers to Your Door Every Day … Guaranteed

Doing Just One (simple) THING Can Generate $44.26 In Documented Sales for Every Dollar You Invest In Marketing Your Business.

Restaurant Marketing

Rory Fatt’s marketing strategies have been taught to well over 6,343 Restaurant Owners across United States, Canada, and 12 other countries. He has helped restaurant owner’s double, triple, and even quadruple their profits.

To get restaurant marketing tips, use our Restaurant Profit Calculator, and learn how Loyalty Programs can skyrocket your restaurant profits.