Firepower Marketing Inc.

Is a business-to-business marketing firm dedicated to assisting independently owned small and medium sized companies, in North America, to increase their sales and profits. We specialize in executing proven marketing strategies that generate new clients, keep them coming back more often and spending more money. For restaurants, auto repair, retail (menswear, ladies wear, jewelry, furniture, pet centers, health food … just to name a few), dry cleaners, pharmacy, chiropractors, and twenty other brick and mortar businesses.

Our number one objective is to maximize your ROI in marketing by utilizing marketing methods that are proven to increase measurable marketing response and revenues. Learn more about our founder and services below.

Our Founder Rory Fatt

Rory Fatt is founder of Firepower Marketing Inc. and the creator of the Royalty Rewards® Turnkey Marketing Program.

Rory has always been fascinated with what makes businesses successful. He got his degree in Marketing and went on to work with several multinational corporations setting sales records that still stand today. Eventually he decided to venture out on his own. Initially he struggled to figure out how to make what he had learned in University work in a small business. After hundreds of thousands of dollars in experimentation Rory eventually uncovered the secrets to direct response marketing in his own business, and skyrocketed his sales and profits.

He began teaching his proven strategies, changing the lives and financial futures for thousands of business owners across North America.

Rory soon discovered the principles he uncovered applied to all sorts of businesses. He also realized that while the systems he taught worked, it was difficult for business owners to find the time away from the daily operations their businesses required to implement the proven systems he had developed. So he invested several million dollars in creating Royalty Rewards®, a turnkey, automated marketing program that leverages all of the proven direct marketing principles he knows to work.

Rory’s marketing strategies have been taught to well over 6,343 business owners across United States, Canada, and 12 other countries. He has helped business owner’s double, triple, and even quadruple their profits.

For more information about Royalty Rewards® Turnkey Marketing Program – CLICK HERE